Artist Rendering of Cascades Park Connector (Pedestrian) Bridge. Image: FIGG Engineering. Artist Rendering of Cascades Park Connector (Pedestrian) Bridge. Image: FIGG Engineering. Blueprint 2000
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Location: CSX Railroad Crossing over S. Monroe, Tallahassee, FL


Owner: FDOT - Blueprint 2000

Design: Figg Engineering

Website: ONLINE

Value of Improvements:  $1,097,500

ETA: March-April 2016

Description: Proposed for an area adjacent to the CSX Railroad crossing at South Monroe, is an ornamental pedestrian bridge crossing that will link segments 2 and 3 of Cascades Park. The pedestrian bridge over South Monroe Street will provide connection between Cascades Park and the Capital Cascades Trail to the east. Designed by FIGG, the international bridge design firm located in Tallahassee. The modern concrete bridge with organic shaping was based on a theme of canopies and eco-friendly design. The bridge deck creates a slender uniform ribbon from end to end supported by a series of circular columns positioned at angles. The columns support canopies made of solar fabric that capture the sun’s energy and at the same time provide shade for users of the bridge. The solar energy will be used to light the bridge at night with dramatic color-changing LED lights that will reflect off of the canopies. These lights are low energy, long life sustainable technology. The sustainable concrete features a nanotechnology that is self cleaning and cleans pollution from the air. This modern interpretation of a tree canopy celebrates Tallahassee’s renowned canopy roads and tree shaded sections of the Cascades Trail. Canopies are also planned for the Meridian Plaza in Cascades Park. Native limestone like the stone from the Centennial Field historic wall will be used at the ends of the bridge to transition the bridge abutments into the natural park landscape. This stone will also blend with other limestone walls in Cascades Park that are under construction. The nighttime lighting is changeable to feature local university colors on game day, patriotic colors on holidays and other seasonal colors throughout the year.


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  • PRIME! Project Location: Cascades Park, Tallahassee, FL
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