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Cobb Theater – Fallschase VC

Location: 147 Vermillion Blvd, Tallahassee, FL Status: UNDER CONSTRUCTION Owner: NATIONAL RETAIL PROPERTIES LP Developer: Lormax Stern Contractor: EDC LLC (EILERSON DEVELOPMENT CORP) Website: ONLINE Value of Improvements: $12,790,000.00 ETA: Fall 2018 Description: Proposed for a vacant 5.527-acre parcel within the Fallschase Village Center is a brand new free-standing 68,400 SF building to house...
Unbuilt Projects

Smoothie King – Fallchase VC

Location: 3631 Mahan Drive, Tallahassee, Florida Status: PENDING Owner: Columbus Pacific Properties Developer: Lorman Stern Website: ONLINE Value of Improvements: TBD Opening: 2015 Description: Proposed for the Fallschase Village Center, this 1,100 SF Smoothie King should become the second of the Company's location in Tallahassee following the West Tennessee Street location at...