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URBAN UPDATE – All eyes on Southwest Tallahassee, an area we define as south of U.S. Highway 90 and west of Monroe Street. This month we cover several major projects that are currently pending, underway, and recently completed — promising to be significant game changers for this quadrant of the Capital City dominated by institutions of higher learning. Please find below, the projects that have been updated for April 2016.


The Dwellings

Proposed is a 130-unit master planned “tiny house” community over a 4.09 acre section of a larger 32.427 acre parcel outside of Capital Circle along Highway 20. The proposed homes would range in size from 250 to 400 square feet. The concept is said to be patterned after the trendy “small homes” featured on HGTV and the developer, Tallahassee Philanthropist and Businessman, Rick Kearney, describes a vision of upscale construction similar in quality to homes seen in Southwood of Tallahassee or South Walton. Reports indicate that rent for these homes will start at $400 a month including utilities.

W Pensacola Pavilion

Slated for this .79 acre corner parcel, the proposed project calls for the demolition of the existing convenience station building and the construction of a 3,600 sq. ft. building divided into two spaces, a 2,000 SF Dunkin Donuts restaurant, and a 1,600 SF retail space. Parking will be behind the building. The project, originally proposed in 2013, has seen some recent site activity warranting inclusion in this urban update.

Chapel Terrace Redevelopment

Proposed for a 5.97 acre site, is the demolition of 114 apartment units containing a total of 189 bedrooms, and the construction of a 227 unit complex that will contain 881 bedrooms for a net gain of 692 apartment units. The project site is zoned UT (university transition) and is within the multi-modal transportation district). The existing structures were originally constructed in 1970. The project site was purchased July 31, 2014 for $5,800,000.00 by a Miami, FL-based entity.

FSU – EOAS Building

Proposed, this project will provide a facility for the newly created Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Department. It will include construction of classrooms, teaching labs, research labs, offices, and student spaces. When complete, the new building and its site amenities will serve as a gateway into FSU along its north boundary.

Eppes Redevelopment

Proposed for a .96 acre site at the southwest corner of Eppes Drive and Jackson Bluff Road is the development of 7,000 square feet of retail on the first floor, 8,000 square feet of office on the second floor and 49 multi-family units, with up to 196 beds, on Floors 2, 3 and 4. The applicant has provided 120 parking spaces in a parking structure. The applicant is requesting deviations to the development standards in order to provide parking between the building façade and the public right of way and relief from the liner building requirement for parking structures. The properties are zoned UT (University Transition District) and is located within the MMTD (Multi Modal Transportation District).

Palmetto Park

Proposed for the former Church’s Chicken site which is situated on .60 acres adjacent to Lake Elberta Park, is the demolition of the former restaurant at an estimated cost of $15,000 and the construction of a 9,100 square foot headquarters for Palmetto Security and space for additional retail users. The property is zoned CU-45 Urban District and is located within the multi-Modal Transportation District. Estimated valued of improvements: $1,700,000.00. City of Tallahassee purchased this parcel in 2008 for $486,500. The offer to purchase the parcel came in at $200,000. City staff has discussed allowing the taxable value of the improvements justify the discount on the property to the developer.

FSU – IRCB Building

Proposed, this project consists of the construction of approximately 125,000 GSF of new space for a new interdisciplinary research building for Florida State University at their southwest campus in Tallahassee, Florida. It is envisioned that the new facility will house interdisciplinary teams by creating a collaborative environment to conduct research and develop commercialization opportunities to bring products to market. Spaces to be constructed are research labs, imaging/characterization labs, clean rooms facilities, collaboration and conference spaces, administrative spaces and building support functions. The facility will accommodate researchers in the disciplines of bio-medical engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering and device prototyping.

S Adams Medical

Proposed for this 0.85 acre parcel, is the demolition of the existing 8,212 SF structure for the construction of a 1-story, 12,000 SF medical office building. The property is zoned CU-45 and is located within the MMTD (Multi Modal Transportation District), Downtown Overlay. 36 parking spaces are proposed with 8 bicycle spaces reserved.

Big Bend Cares

Proposed is the demolition of several existing structures on a portion of a block bordered by Magnolia Drive, South Monroe, Adams Street (acreage of the site to be determined) and the construction of a brand new 29,000 SF Big Bend Cares facility with 78 associated parking spaces and three entry points. The services provided by this facility would include a Primary Care Clinic, Basic Laboratory Testing Services, Dental Services, Mental Health Services, Case Management Services, Peer Adherence Services and a Pharmacy. Big Bend Care provides education and comprehensive support to people infected with HIV/AIDS. Groundbreaking planned for January 2016 did not occur.

Retail Development at Woodville Highway

Proposed is a new retail development with Out-parcels at the SW corner of Woodville Highway and Ridge-Gaile Connector Road. This development joins an existing Family Dollar Store with 41,405 SF retail store and 754 SF fueling station with 12 fuel pumps with associated parking on 9.80-acres. The three out-parcels are non-contiguous and total 6.26 acres. There are also three acres reserved for stormwater retention on site. Details of future retail tenant are currently undisclosed. This page will be updated when that information is made available.

Capital Circle Southwest

Proposed, this is a Blueprint 2000 project that involves the widening of Capital Circle SW from an undivided two-lane rural highway to a 4-6 lane divided urban highway. PD&E Study was initiated in August 2006.  Considerable public involvement has occurred including six district forums, a two-day Concepts Charette, and several other meetings and workshops as required by the PD&E Study process. Among the alternatives explored, the decision was to proceed with widening the road along its current path.


Checkers Restaurant – S. Monroe Street

In progress is the rehabilitation of a 1,225 SF building, originally constructed in 1989, and previously operated as a Rally’s Restaurant for a new Checker’s Restaurant. This location will become the third Tallahassee Checker’s restaurant.

FAMU – Pharmacy Phase II

In progress is a 5-story, 74,648 GSF facility includes teaching classrooms and laboratories, research laboratories and a vivarium. The new addition will be physically connected to the existing Pharmacy I Building and Research Building. This connection will create a natural lobby at the main entrance floor. The design intent is to extend the architectural character of the Pharmacy Building Phase I and Research Wing, incorporating the materials, fenestration and geometry of the existing facilities, while making maximum use of the available site and responding to the unique site grading conditions.

FAMU Way Extension

In progress, the FAMU Way Extension Project will create a new east-west roadway between the current end of FAMU Way at Wahnish Way and Lake Bradford Road. The project also includes enhancements to the existing FAMU Way corridor between Wahnish Way and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. The project will be completed in three phases. Phase one of construction began in April 2014 and consists of the reconstruction of the existing roadway beginning at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and will extend FAMU Way to Pinellas Street. Phase one has been completed. The second phase will include extending the road to Gamble Street and should be complete the following year. The third phase of construction will extend FAMU Way to Lake Bradford Road and is projected to be completed by 2018. Once completed, the FAMU Way Extension Project will provide an improved, safer roadway and enhanced mobility in the southern region of the city, in addition to offering new benefits and recreational opportunities for the entire community. The future design of the roadway, which includes wide sidewalks and on-street parking, will improve safety for both motorized and non-motorized uses; encourage bicycle, pedestrian and mass transit use; minimize social, economic and environmental impacts; and improve local traffic flow. Blueprint 2000′s Capital Cascades Trail project will also serve as a complement to the City’s extension of FAMU Way, which includes the construction of a multi-use trail, playground, bicycle/pedestrian walkways and many other amenities that will run alongside FAMU Way.

Wesley Foundation Multi-Purpose Building

In progress on this 1.951 acre parcel is the demolition of the existing structure and the construction of The above-referenced properties a 16,000 square foot church/multi-purpose facility. The Wesley Foundation is the United Methodist campus ministry at Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College.

FSU – Dorman & Deviney Hall Replacements

In progress this housing replacement project will provide 872 beds in two stand alone buildings to replace the rooms to be eliminated with the demolition of Dorman and Deviney Halls at the completion of this project. The new buildings will be constructed in the parking lot south of Traditions Garage and the Student Services Building along Woodward Avenue. The typical suite will house four persons in two separate bedrooms with a shared bath. Amenities include common kitchens, study spaces, recreational space, lobby and lounge. Other building features include the Living Learning seminar room and Model Resident Room. Support spaces such as office, storage, and custodial spaces are also included. The buildings will total 208,858 square feet. 

FSU – Doak Campbell Stadium Improvements

In progress are various upgrades to Doak Campbell Stadium including improvements to seating in the stadium’s South End Zone. Two options are presented that appear to impact audience capacity above the band seating area. Additional improvements are shown as sideline concourse improvements. The exterior facade of the stadium would also receive a dramatic makeover with raised sides (additional height) new glass-exposed stairways installed in addition to a pattern of balconies and new openings in the stadium’s casing. Improvements to the player and coaches lounge are also proposed.

Legendary Spear-It Food and Spirits

In progress on a .72 acre tract of land currently consisting of the former Tomahawk Sports Bar restaurant is the redevelopment of the current 3,624 SF facility into a Legendary Spearit full service restaurant with on-site parking. Legendary Spear-it is brought to us by the group that developed PDQ, a fast casual chain of chicken restaurants based in Tampa, Florida. Legendary Spear-It Food & Spirits will serve fresh made food ranting from hand made appetizers, unique salads and sandwiches, fresh Black Angus burgers and artisan pizzas. The restaurant will feature a bar that will offer craft beers, signature craft cocktails and an eclectic wine list. The Spear It dinner menu will feature fresh hand cut steaks, fresh local fish, and their “Southern Comfort” section with some quality house made entrees prepared with local ingredients. We’re told they will also offer the famous PDQ Chicken tenders.

Southern Compass Outfitters – W Tennessee

In progress on a 4,130 SF (3,605 SF Aux) building originally constructed in 1949, is Tallahassee’s second Southern Compass Outfitters location. This business replaces Beds-Beds-Beds which has recently relocated to the E Mahan Drive area (near Fallschase). Southern Compass offers clothing, footwear and accessories for men, women and children through a collection of lifesyle and outdoor brands. Its first Tallahassee location is at Miracle Plaza.

Capital City Hyundai

In progress is the relocation of Tallahassee’s Hyundai dealership from the corner of West Tennessee Street and Blountstown Highway to a 4.6 acre parcel adjacent to Zaxby’s on Capital Circle SW is a new 34,200 SF Capital City Hyundai Dealership with associated parts warehouse and attached service shop. This dealership would be directly across from Tallahassee Dodge Chrystler Jeep dealership.

Capital Circle West Expansion

In progress on a 2.76 mile segment of Capital Circle between US Highway 90 (Tennessee St) and SR-371 (Orange Avenue) is the expansion of the roadway from an undivided 2-lane rural highway to a 6-lane divided urban corridor. The project is fully funded for design, Right-of-Way acquisition and construction. The cost is estimated to be $107 Million. The south end of the project includes two regional pond facilities. The north end of the project has several mitigation sites. Signalized intersections are proposed at Orange Avenue, Blountstown Highway, and Gum Road. Project will be completed in two phases with the first phase, Highway 90 to Highway 20 commencing construction in 2011.


Alpha Omicron Pi House

Now complete is the redevelopment of a .68 acre parcel calling for the demolition of a collection of 5 homes totaling 6,412 SF, originally constructed in 1928, for the construction of a new Greek Sorority House with a 72 person occupancy. The property was purchased in June of 2014 for $516,000.00. The house will feature a grand entrance and front pillar design giving it a classic feel.

Moe’s at Walker Plaza

Piggly Wiggly Southgate Plaza

Now complete within an existing 47,236 SF retail space originally constructed in 1969, is a new-to-market Piggly Wiggly grocery store. This store replaces a former Harvey’s Grocery store which closed at the same location 2 years ago. Piggly Wiggly®, America’s first true self-service grocery store, was founded in Memphis, Tennessee in 1916.

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