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Southeast Park & Northwest Park | City of Tallahassee


Location:  This 43-acre parcel is bordered by Tram Road, School House Road, and Four Oaks Blvd.

Owner: City of Tallahassee

Description: Currently, the property is planted with pine trees, which will be harvested for timber in preparation for the park construction. The harvesting will likely begin in September, once complete, the land will be planted once more with “healthy trees and plantings [that] will complement the park amenities and provide valuable shade and quintessential Tallahassee beauty.” (2018, September 4) Retrieved from http://www.talgov.com/parks/twonewparks-se.aspx.

The city wants your input! Go online to give feedback that will help aid in the final site plan ideas.

Tallahassee wants your input>>> http://www.talgov.com/parks/twonewparks-se.aspx

(Photo sourced from talgov.com)


Location:  This 78-acre parcel sits near the corner of Mission Road and Fred George Road

Owner: City of Tallahassee

Description: Earmarked for a park as early as 1995, the city continues efforts to poll the residents on their input for park amenities.

Tallahassee wants your input>>>http://www.talgov.com/parks/twonewparks-nw.aspx

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