Major Medical Marijuana Cultivation Center Proposed for Tallahassee

BUSINESS – Today, Huxley Medical Group announced their plan to start a medicinal marijuana cultivation facility in Tallahassee.

Located on a 10 acre site in Tallahassee’s Commonwealth Business Park near Interstate 10 and Capital Circle NW, the cultivation center will carry out all the major operations of cultivation, extraction, and distribution. Huxley Proposes to produce high-quality medicinal marijuana products using proprietary genetics within an 27,000 SF facility previously used to manufacture jet engine components. 

The facility is equipped for total climate control, customized to suit the cultivation needs of each product. In addition to quality control, security will be a top priority; a protocol for 24/7 monitoring will meet and exceed the necessary standards. Previous to Huxley Medical Group’s purchase and occupation of the facility, the space had not served any commercial purpose in the past decade; during which time its only function was storage.

“Our proximity to the state government is one of our biggest advantages. The facility will be utilized to tour lawmakers and other parties of interest with the goal of advancing state policy and the medical marijuana industry as a whole,” says Derek Hart, CEO, Huxley Medical Group.

Huxley Medical group is preparing their team, office and cultivation facility for the inspection required to attain a license.

“We will have 20 living-wage employees, including a biochemist and a physician working on site to overlook the extraction of CBD and its quality,” says Costa Vathis, CFO, Huxley Medical Group.

Business partners Derek Hart and Costa Vathis have over 14 years of experience in developing and leading multi-million dollar companies in the hospitality & transportation sector.

“Our mission is to create craft medical marijuana that will allow patients the freedom to improve the quality of their lives. We are driven by the socio-economic energy of the industry, and look forward to supporting patients seeking alternative medications for pain and other ailments,” says Derek Hart.


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