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Innovation Park Open House: 2018

INSTITUTIONAL – Today, we had the pleasure to tour many of the buildings within Innovation Park, some recently constructed and some well established. For our team, today’s visit was an eye opening experience into the research being conducted daily by scientist and students affiliated with Tallahassee’s institutions of higher learning (Florida State University, Florida A&M University) and researchers from around the nation and the world.

Innovation Park is a true gem to the community, yet because of its isolated location within the southwest quadrant of the city, many local residents do not get a chance to frequent it often.

Innovation Park has tons to offer! Spanning over 208 acres of pristine Florida landscape, Innovation Park is home to more than thirty cutting-edge research and manufacturing organizations.

It is home to the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, perhaps the most important single venue in the city outside of state government and the Universities. There, researchers from around the world come to Tallahassee to conduct experiments with the use of the World’s strongest magnetics. But there’s even more to the park than the MagLab, as our tour today showed.

Today we were exposed to scientific research utilizing alternative energy sources, even things as natural as lemons and limes used to power calculators, magnetic powered wind turbines, pressure sensing robotics, drones and more.

Check out the Photo Gallery below to view some of what Tallahassee’s thriving Innovation Park has to offer.

To Learn more about Innovation Park, visit it’s official website.


  • PRIME! Project Location:1736 W Paul Dirac Dr, Tallahassee, FL 32310

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