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LOTSA Stone Fired Pizza - ONYX

Monday, 01 May 2017 22:08
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Location: 444 W College Avenue, Tallahassee, FL 32301


Owner: Campus Investors FSU 444 College Avenue LLC

Design:  TBD

Contractor: Oliver Sperry Renovation and Construction

Website: ONLINE

Value of Improvements: $450,000.00 (estimate)

ETA: Fall 2017

Description: Proposed for approximately 1,468 SF on the street level of the ONYX Apartment Complex in downtown Tallahassee is a new-to-market build your pizza bar, LOTSA Stone Fired Pizza. LOTSA currently has 7 locations near major university campuses primarily in the northern U.S. Tallahassee's location near Florida State University represents the Company's southern-most location and the first in Florida.

Comments from the Forums
Re: LOTSA Stone Fired Pizza - ONYX -- florida
2017 Jul 19 09:52:22 AM
If what I read of the location in Madison, WI is any indicator this place will have late hours and cater to the party goers. Might do a good number for night life along College Ave and Macomb Street near FSU.

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