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Proposed redevelopment of Varsity Plaza Shopping Center Proposed redevelopment of Varsity Plaza Shopping Center Target Brands, Inc.

Target - Varsity Plaza Redevelopment

Wednesday, 01 March 2017 20:08
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Location: 1833 W Tennessee Street, Tallahassee, FL 32304


Owner: M & S Shopping Center Inc | S J Collins Enterprises

Design: Clifford Lamb & Associates

Contractor: TBD

Website: ONLINE

Value of Improvements: TBD

ETA: July 2018

Description: Proposed for this 6 acre parcel on the south side of the intersection of West Tennessee Street and High Road on what is commonly referred to as old Varsity Shopping Center, is the demolition of the current facilities (does not include CVS Pharmacy) and the redevelopment of the plaza in two phases to include a small-concept 30,000 Target store offering a quick-trip shopping experience with a customized assortment of merchandise including fresh grab-and-go groceries and meal solutions, select apparel and accessories for men and women, cosmetics, personal care and beauty products, home décor including dorm and apartment essentials, and more. The new Target store will also feature a Starbucks and Order Pickup service. Additional retail space will be offered as an additional phase of the proposed development with those tenants yet to be disclosed. A total of 65,000 SF of commercial space is proposed for development on this site.

Comments from the Forums
Re: Varsity Plaza -- tricknole
2017 Jun 14 11:44:23 PM
"florida" wrote:
This segment of W. Tennessee is already rather ... attractive.

I disagree. It's not blighted like some parts of town. And I agree there is a great deal of dining and retail options between Brevard and Ocala. But I don't find much about it attractive. The above ground powerlines and lack of landscaped medians is pretty glaring.
"florida" wrote:
Further, It's just not the location I would have selected from an ease of access standpoint. Why? Even with the Coliseum not operational during the day, traffic near the intersection of Tennessee and High is heavy during the day. Throw in what will become a popular Target store and I can assure you CVS will not be a happy neighbor (although I do understand Target and CVS now operate as partners. Why not tear down the CVS and place that inline with the Target and offer alternative access to Call Street once again... that might help to ease my mind on the traffic issue a bit. 

I think creating an entrance where Aaron's is will help with some of those concerns. If CVS were agreeable to a redesign, that'd be even better, though I'm not counting on it.
"florida" wrote:
Aside from the traffic issue, I'm a tad disappointed this won't be an "urban" target located along Gaines Street which would most certainly draw much more traffic to that area which Im sure the likes of Urban Outfitters would appreciate. Couple that with the Greenwise Publix coming soon and you've got a dangerous combination of anchors that can help to fill in the remaining small retail spaces that sit at on the ground floor of the new buildings. As a side note, Gainesville is getting an Urban Target with a Starbucks companion at one of its new student-oriented apartment developments. http://www.gainesville.com/news/20160712/cvs-squeezing-into-target-express-at-standard

Would Urban Outfitters, or any of the several locally owned clothing shops in that area, really want Target? I wouldn't think so, but maybe I'm wrong. I also don't want Gaines turning into big box store row. That would be awful. It could literally be the death knell for many of the smaller shops, and perhaps All Saints entirely (for various reasons). Publix is a different beast because Floridians absolutely love it and there isn't a grocer already on the street.

Even with that said, the Gaines Street Publix is still a little upsetting because they aren't adding residential above the store (any chance that might still get added?) like with your Gainesville Target example. That said, would something like a Rooms 2 Go work in the area? Having furniture/appliances for college students makes sense (granted, I think most of the new apartments are furnished?), and that aspect of Target, along with outdoors/sporting type supplies might actually be welcomed.

I just feel Gaines is capable of being a somewhat more "intimate" neighborhood than Tennessee. Tennessee is the impersonal box store-y street. (At least when comparing just Gaines vs Tennessee.)

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  • PRIME! Project Location: 1833 W Tennessee Street, Tallahassee, FL 32304
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