Site Plan of Proposed Welaunee Plantation PUD. Site Plan of Proposed Welaunee Plantation PUD. Wood + Partners

Welaunee Plantation PUD

Tuesday, 17 June 2008 17:08
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Location: Northeast Corner of Tallahassee, Surrounding I-10, US Hwy 90, Miccosukee and Centerville Roads

Status: Proposed

Developer: Powerhouse, Inc.

Design: Wood + Partners, Inc.

Website: ONLINE

Description: Family-owned Welaunee consists of approximately 7,000 acres of land located on the northeast side of Tallahassee. Traversed by Interstate Highway 10 and bordered by Centerville Road, Miccosukee Road and Mahan Drive, the property lies within the Tallahassee city limits. It is home to the Miccosukee Canopy Road Greenway and some of the most exciting new communities under development in the southeastern United States.

Welaunee's owner, family-owned Powerhouse, Inc. began creating new communities on the property in 2001. The family received important approvals from state and local governments in 2002 and then embarked on a pains-taking process to select the best development to make its vision become a reality. The development process has featured an effort to reach out to the community to share information about future plans and hear the community's views.

Family members will continue to live on the property and to participate in community activities. They will be neighbors of the new communities now developing on the land. Consequently, they have a strong interest in ensuring that the new neighborhoods created at Welaunee will be the kind that the larger community can embrace, and that preserve Tallahassee's heritage.

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  • PRIME! Project Location: Welaunee Road, Tallahassee, Florida
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