New permanent outdoor seating area canopy under construction at Andrew's Downtown restaurant. New permanent outdoor seating area canopy under construction at Andrew's Downtown restaurant. UrbanTallahassee Images

Andrew's making improvements to it's Sidewalk Cafe

Written by  Thursday, 16 November 2017 16:16

BRIEF - Well known to Government officials, local residents and tourist, Andrews's Capital Grill & Bar downtown has been serving customers since the early 1970s. In recent decades, the restaurant has become more widely known as the go-to spot for outdoor dining in the downtown area.

So popular in-fact, that patrons dining in its outdoor cafe often impede the sidewalk for casual passer-bys. But changes are in the works to address sidewalk issues as well as expand the restaurants ability to accommodate more customers.

In progress, the current project involves the construction of an outdoor plaza and patio along with improvements to open the interior to the exterior. Materials in use appear to be a blend of engineered concrete, heavy duty steel and designer wood. 

The interior of the restaurant has already been opened to the exterior area that wraps the corner of W. Jefferson and S Adams Streets. 

Much of the work has already been completed where crews are currently applying the finishing touches to the permanent outdoor canopy which will help the restaurant to provide additional seating and shade for its patrons. The new canopy when completed will not only provide shading during the day but also offer ambient light at night.

The canopy architecture compliments the existing architecture within the Adams Street Commons.

The contractor on record for this project is SouthPointe Builders, Inc, a Tallahassee company, and improvements are on record valued at over $75,000.00

Comments from the Forums
Re: Andrew's making improvements to it's Sidewalk Cafe -- bluestare
2017 Dec 04 04:50:44 PM
"chudan" wrote:
City should consider closing Adams (College to Pensacola) and Jefferson (Adams to Duval) in the evenings and on weekends to vehicle traffic and turn them into pedestrian/outdoor dining space. Also, tie it into a cleaned up Gallie Alley for additional space.

On our recent visit to Iceland and England, that was a very common practice and makes a very nice downtown visiting district. Almost an 18 hour district.

I love this idea!

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  • PRIME! Project Location: 228 S Adams Street, Tallahassee, FL
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