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Artist rendering of proposed 17th floor addition at the DoubleTree Hotel, Tallahassee, Florida. Artist rendering of proposed 17th floor addition at the DoubleTree Hotel, Tallahassee, Florida. Architects Lewis + Whitlock, PA

DoubleTree + Skyline to get a Huge Raise

Written by  Thursday, 30 June 2016 20:00
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DEVELOPMENT - A remodel of Tallahassee's DoubleTree hotel was recently completed in 2015, but current plans for the facility could dramatically alter it, and the Capital City skyline. 

Developers are proposing a 1-level addition the landmark hotel which is situated at the center of Tallahassee's downtown. The DoubleTree hotel is arguably the most high-profile lodging facility in the city and these recent improvements are aimed at preserving that status. 

According to M. Hays Layerd, AIA, lead Architect for Architects Lewis + Whitlock, PA, the firm contracted to do design work for this project:

"The design concept was inspired by the goals of the client to make a unique statement on the Tallahassee skyline and to take advantage of views to the West, of Florida State University, and South, towards the Capitol complex. Architectural responses to the many challenges of this concept played a significant role in shaping the building into its final form, a simple white box. Some of the unique challenges included structural considerations of an existing building, constructability at 17 floors in the air, daylight control, difficult site constraints, limited available egress capacity, restricted crane access, and a limited budget.

In order to drastically reduce construction time and costs, AL+W proposed a prefab wall panel and façade skin. The plan is for the panels to be manufactured off-site in a matter of weeks, delivered, and hoisted to the structural frame via crane in a matter of days. Other exterior components, such as the glass curtain wall and metal soffit panels, will be assembled on site.

Artist rendering of proposed 17th floor addition to the DoubleTree hotel in Downtown Tallahassee, Florida.
Artist rendering of proposed 17th floor addition to the DoubleTree hotel in Downtown Tallahassee, Florida. Architects Lewis + Whitlock, PA

The building’s “white box” form is designed so that it appears to hover over the existing Doubletree roof by more than 8 feet. Thin, steel columns that extend down to the hotel’s structure below will support the box. A 1,700 square foot outdoor dining canopy cantilevers out over the building’s West and South façades, taking advantage of expansive views of Tallahassee’s skyline."

The proposed 17th floor will feature a brand new Dining and Dancing Hall with a bar and an outdoor patio overlooking the city. In addition plans are in the works for a kitchen, restroom facilities and additional storage space.

We currently do not have an estimated timeline for this project or projected budget for improvements. We will provide updates as this information becomes available. 

The hotel is owned by IB Tallahassee, LLC whose principal manager is J.T. Burnette. IB Tallahassee, LLC acquired the DoubleTree hotel in 2014 for a recorded $21,000,000.00

Please visit the project page linked below for additional details and updates.

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  • PRIME! Project Location: 101 S. Adams Street, Tallahassee, FL 32301
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