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Park Place Outlet Mall Moves Forward

Written by  Sunday, 11 February 2018 20:22

DEVELOPMENT - A new marketing package has been circulating of the proposed new Tallahassee Outlet Center at Park Place . We have consulted with a source close to the project and provide the following update.

What you will find is a site design that is very reminiscent of the increasingly popular lifestyle shopping centers that seem to be spreading throughout Florida. The facade of the retail spaces utilize a combination of materials and themes that speak to the Tallahassee area such as columns at the entrances to key retail spaces, brick and hardie board.

Design elements are also shown that incorporate squares and stucco along with industrial-styled awnings and horizontal wooden accents to give the center the same diversity of feel that is seen throughout all parts of Florida's Capital City. 


Artist rendering of proposed Tallahassee Outlet Center

 Exactly what stores will be located within the outlet center?

Well, that's to be determined but you should expect a strong mix of what is typically found at similarly configured outlet centers throughout Florida, brand exclusive stores promoting ongoing markdown sales.

Marketing material notes that this will be positioned as a Regional Outlet and that there are no other outlet centers within 130 miles of this development. Additionally, when completed it will be the only Outlet Mall along I-10 within Florida.

 Project Page: Tallahassee Outlet Center at Park Place

Site Plan of Proposed Park Place Development

The project will have over 1 mile of interstate frontage and 1/2 mile of frontage along Capital Circle NW.

Tallahassee Outlet Center at Park Place will have an immediate impact on the local economy and the residential composition of the City's northwestern quadrant.

Beyond shopping and dining, other components will include the development of single family homes, apartments, a hotel, office space and entertainment which could include a possible water park or top golf, according to a solid source.

Construction on the apartments is anticipated to begin within the next few months, and developers are currently leasing the retail space for 2019 delivery. 

Artist rendering of Tallahassee Outlet Center outside of an undisclosed major retail store. 

Comments from the Forums
Re: Park Place Outlet Mall Moves Forward -- seminole
2018 Feb 15 07:12:30 PM
"florida" wrote:
"chudan" wrote:
I believe that is Adventure Island Busch Gardens in Tampa.

Dang you're good!

I've not heard anything about this Bixby Entertainment Complex for Midway. Where can we get more information?

I posted info. on this project in one of the forums. Nothing has happened since the Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Midway/Gasden County and the developer several months ago. I only mentioned it because I just recently heard an update on the new Four Star Freightliner development in Midway which is located near this proposed entertainment center.

Additional Info

  • PRIME! Project Location: 4985 Gearhart Road, Tallahassee, FL
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