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FSU Facilities Update - 02.20.2018

Written by  Tuesday, 20 February 2018 15:47

INSTITUTIONAL - Just got back from the latest FSU Facilities Design & Construction meeting. Here's what was discussed.

FSU Acquires Space at Plaza Tower
Future FSU Business Condominium at Plaza Tower | UrbanTallahassee Images

FSU expects to finally close on the Kleman Plaza ground floor retail condo next month. This condo is on the corner of Bronough and Pensacola, with a majority fronting Bronough, directly across from the College of Law. Still no hint as to what it's going to be used for.
New FSU Student Union

Woodward Ave and the Woodward garage will be closed again this summer for underground work related to the new Union. While it's closed, they'll also be lowering the small "tunnel" / underpass that runs under Woodward (on Academic Way) so that it can more easily accommodate larger delivery trucks.

Artist rendering of Proposed FSU Student Union | Florida State University
Speaking of the union, demolition on the existing facility will begin after this semester, in early May. Expected to be a 24 month construction project so it's gonna be awhile before we get our new Union.

FSU - Primary Care and Behavioral Health Center
Artist rendering of proposed FSU - Primary Care and Behavioral Health Center
Artist rendering of proposed FSU - Primary Care and Behavioral Health Center | Dag Architects
- FSU acquired an acre of land off Roberts Ave at Eisenhower. Per UrbanTallahassee project page, it looks like this for the partnership with TMH for the Primary Care & Behavioral Health Center.
Legacy Hall - College of Business 
Arena District Perspective | FSU Facilities & Design
Legacy Hall (College of Business) has moved into the design phase but still needs funding. I think they said it's gonna be about $85M. This will sit just south of the Tucker Center. Article: Architect Selected, Soil Test for future FSU College of Business
Suwannee Dining Room
Image | FSU Facilities & Design

Suwannee Room dining hall is getting a complete interior renovation. Don't worry, they're keeping the beautiful ceilings. But everything else is being gutted and rebuilt from scratch. Expect a much more open design with all the food stations being moved from the center of the hall over to the western wall. This project is moving at lightspeed. They just started last week and expect completion in 4 months.
Football Only Facility
FSU Football Facilities from above. Left showing current conditions. Right showing view of potential location of newly proposed Football-only facilities outlined in yellow. | FSU Facilities & Design

They've met with Coach Taggart on the Football Operations facility. Based on the discussion, it looks like the new plan is to squeeze in a 155,000 sq. ft. facility in place of the narrow parking lot that's immediately between the football practice facility and Stadium Dr. As far as budget, they're probably looking at $75-85M as a fundraising goal for the Boosters.

Hoffman Teaching Lab is getting renovated to replace some 4th floor admin space with more chem labs, due to the increased demand for lab space generated by the College of Medicine's Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences (aka "Pre-Med") major.

Those are the highlights. You can see their full powerpoint at It's not up there yet, but they usually get it up within 24 hours of the meeting.

Additional Info

  • PRIME! Project Location: 3012 Westcott North Tallahassee, Florida 32306
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