Frenchtown Redevelopment Initiative

Location: 428-480 W Tennessee Street, Tallahassee, FL


Owner: Frenchtown Redevelopment Partners, LLC

Site Plan: Moore Bass Consulting, Inc.

Design: Fitzgerald Collaborative Group

Website: ONLINE


Value of Improvements: TBD

Description: This is a multi-phase, multi-component project consisting of an Urgent Care facility, small business incubator, parking garage, terraced outdoor courtyard with landscaping and amphitheater, housing, banking center, pharmacy, grocery store, multi-modal transportation hub and rooftop photovoltaic solar panel farm. 

Frenchtown Commons: This project will maintain extensive landscaping, terraced outdoor courtyard and amphitheater, and open space for recreational amenities and pedestrian access with an array of tree lined sidewalks, promenades and intimate courtyards. Careful attention will be given to the separation of public and private uses, massing and transparency, all of which will be self-evident from the building facades. 20,000 SF, 80-feet wide. Pedestrian passageway between Tennessee and Virginia Streets.

Economy Drugstore: The oldest business in continuous existence remaining in Frenchtown will remain a staple in the development.

Existing Small Businesses: This project will be constructed in phases to avoid unnecessary displacement of any existing Frenchtown businesses, which now are primarily beauty salons and barber shops. Once the development is complete, a rental rate structure for these existing businesses will be guided by a business model designed to insure their financial vitality and sustainability into the future.

Business Incubation and Support Center: The development team will concentrate on helping small and micro-sized businesses become more established so they can create new jobs for the local economy. 21,600 SF; three stories, Lobby entry at Virginia, Macomb and surface parking.

Urgent Care Facility: As the first and only urgent care located in the Frenchtown area, this facility will be convenient to transient walk-in traffic from downtown and elsewhere given its location on well-traveled Tennessee Street and its close proximity to Florida State University.

Financial Institutions: Bethel Missionary Baptist Church is in active discussions with two financial institutions that have expressed interest in locating a branch office in or near the development. This will enable businesses and residents to have banking services within convenient walking distance. 

Grocery Store and Supermarket: Frenchtown’s centralized location will have exceptional appeal to grocery store/supermarket industry. Such a store will benefit from the growing population of residents choosing to live downtown, the large student population at Florida State University, and significant traffic along busy Tennessee Street. New market tax credits are readily available to food chains willing to build stores in areas characterized as “food deserts” and many supermarket chants like Publix, Trader Joe’s, Earth Fare and Fresh Market now feature stores specifically sized for urban neighborhoods. 20,000 SF store – retail space. Pedestrian entry at W. Tennessee Street. Access to surface parking with loading dock drive access at Macomb. Additional 1st floor retail will total 37,600 SF facing Tennessee, Macomb and Virginia Streets. 

Housing: Mixed-income, owner-occupied townhouse, apartments and lofts directed to young professionals and familities will be featured. Financial preferences and incentives will be provided, where possible, to veterans, teachers, first responders and first-time homebuyers. These uses will be vertically integrated into a 4-5 story building. The proposed residential offerings of this development are as follows:

The Lofts on Tennessee: These will be targeted for the evolving and diverse group of Tallahassee residents looking to “down-size” their lifestyles, ranging from artisans to young professionals to “empty-nesters”.

321 North Macomb: Mixed income rental apartments will cater to the casual and chic adult urban lifestyle. Aimed at providing modern, efficient housing with sustainable objectives in mind. 122,400 SF; 4-stories above retail – grocery store. About 150 units to be built ranging in size from 600-800 SF.

The El Dorado: These residents will provide mixed income, owner-occupied Townhouse with access to all of the energy that downtown life has to offer, including convenient walkability to amenities in the area. 32,000 SF total. 1,500 – 2,500 SF units. 16 units facing Virginia Street. Personal parking garage at each unit.

Parking Garage / Deck: Facility to support tenants, employees and businesses and generate cash flow for the development. 700 parking spaces; 5 level parking garage; 1 level below the Commons.

Solar Power: Rooftop photovoltaic solar panels will be covering the majority of the usable building roof area. Electric power harvested from solar energy on the site will be integrated into the utility usage plan for the development.

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