Cascades Project Update 2.19.2018

(photo rendering: DAG Architects)

DOWNTOWN – The long-awaited, game-changing, multi-building, mixed-use $150 Million Cascades Project will soon be underway! In addition to bringing a vibrant live-work-play experience to downtown, this transformative urban development will honor our rich history through the preservation of the architecturally significant former County Health Unit and the creation of a community-envisioned historical plaza.


View of future Cascades Mixed Use Project site as seen from within Cascades Park on February 19, 2018. | UrbanTallahassee Images

Soon a construction fence will be placed around the perimeter of the property to ensure pedestrian safety as workers begin to move in and out of the area. This is scheduled to occur within the next week or so. To minimize impacts on park visitors and nearby residents, activity on the site will occur primarily on weekdays between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. and will not conflict with ticketed events held at Cascades Park. Traffic patterns, parking availability and access to the park and surrounding office buildings will remain unaffected until late summer.


North American Properties has also received inquiries regarding the trees on the property and have been in touch with concerned citizens. For information about how the trees will be handled, please see Question 8 on the project website


Lastly, there has been some misinformation circulating regarding the heights of the buildings that will be constructed. The building heights take the slope of the site into account and range from two stories to eight stories high. For more information, please see Question 16 on the 
project website

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