Canterfield Assisted Living Facility

Location: 208 E Tharpe Street, Tallahassee, FL


Owner: KW Rental LLC

Design: Moore Bass Consulting, Inc

Contractor: Edwards Construction Services, Inc.

Website: ONLINE

ETA: 4Q 2018

Value of Improvements: $10,000,000.00

Description: The proposed project is located on 6.17 acres on the north side of East Tharpe Street, approximately 400 feet east of North Monroe Street. The project is the demolition of the two existing residential homes and the construction of a three-story, 91-unit assisted living facility and three duplex units, for a total of 97 assisted living units. The applicant is requesting a deviation from the 20 foot maximum front building setback requirement to 62 feet. The properties are currently zoned OR-1 (Office Residential 1) and OR-3 (Office Residential 3). A rezoning is in process to change the zoning to OR-2 (Office Residential 2). These properties are located within the MMTD (Multi-Modal Transportation District).

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