Ballard Building is host to first solar-powered WeatherSTEM

Photo courtesy of WeatherSTEM
Photo courtesy of WeatherSTEM

Location: 201 E. Park Ave (Rooftop)

Description: 201 E. Park Avenue, home of Ballard Partners,  upscale Italian Steakhouse – Il Lusso, and the first solar-powered WeatherSTEM monitor in Tallahassee. 

Link to real-time weather information from the monitoring unit:

 More details below on WeatherSTEM monitoring. 

With dangerous tropical weather looming in the Atlantic, Tallahassee has a new resource available to educate and protect citizens. In a partnership with Ballard Partners, WeatherSTEM recently installed a monitoring unit atop the new building, providing a 24/7 view of the weather impacting downtown Tallahassee and Florida’s capitol building.

Specifically, this unit is the first of its kind in the Tallahassee area, providing weather data even when the power downtown may be unavailable. Since the unit remains active using solar power and transmits information to its online portal utilizing cellular data, it will be able to provide hyperlocal information about conditions even during the most severe weather.



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