Built and administered by T.J. Lewis, a life-long Tallahassee resident, and pro-growth community enthusiast, UrbanTallahassee.com was launched March of 2008 to provide the people of Florida's Capital community with a one-stop information source on what's new in town. UrbanTallahassee has grown into Tallahassee's #1 provider of comprehensive growth & development information. On the pages of this website, we track all major ongoing, proposed, and completed developments in our metropolitan area. UrbanTallahassee.com is a one-of-a-kind, Tallahassee-born-based-operated enterprise.
Our project pages contain:
  • Project Renderings or Site Plans
  • Project StatusOwnership Information
  • Designer / Contractor Information
  • Links to Official Project Websites and
  • Project Descriptions

    We also provide news relevant to the area's economic development and the projects we're covering in addition to site tours and reviews of new area businesses and restaurants.

    Our mission is to promote economic, cultural, and civic growth through dialogue, while also showcasing local lifestyle and the benefits of new development. For this reason, we also offer professionally moderated discussion boards where our growing membership can share thoughts and opinions on any issue of local significance. Unlike many websites, UrbanTallahassee hosts its own discussion boards, which means we can ensure we do not share our member's registration information with any third party groups. 

    UrbanTallahassee.com is regularly updated as information regarding the projects we cover is made available to us. Our membership of over 5,000 play a key role in providing input on projects and have been instrumental in shaping the direction of several major local projects and decisions. 

    UrbanTallahassee is a very small operation but we look forward to doing all we can to help our visitors find the information they seek on the city we love. We welcome you to join our membership and ask that you consider sponsoring our mission to grow Tallahassee into the very best city in America!